About Central Coast Web Design

A bit about the company...

Central Coast Web Design is a division of Erudite Technologies, a Website Development Services and J2EE Consulting business based in East Gosford on the NSW Central Coast. Central Coast Web Design provide professional and affordable solutions to a wide variety of businesses throughout Sydney and the Central Coast. Specializing in website development, website hosting and support to businesses of all sizes, we work towards creating an efficient and effective IT solution for your business.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals from system architects through to graphic designers. Our diverse team allows us to provide clients with a full end-to-end solution. With a strong customer focus, Central Coast Web Design aim to provide their customers with quality, on-time and on-budget solutions.

Our Key Staff

Daniel Hayden
Managing Director

Daniel has 16 years experience in IT, specialising in system architecture, project management, design and development skills. As the head of Central Coast Web Design, Daniel keeps up with the latest technology trends and has the experience to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Cindal Endean
Lead Web Developer

Cindal is our lead web developer and visual designer. Through her time at Central Coast Web Design, Cindal has become an expert in all matters HTML, CSS and best practice visual design methods for the web and mobile devices.

Alastair Horsley
Lead Software Engineer

Alastair is our lead Software Engineer and has excellent analytical skills and has the ability to solve complex problems. Alastair's ability to design and develop complex solutions make him a valued member of our team!

Danielle Emmanuel
Digital Marketing

Danielle is our marketing guru and has successfully worked not only with our clients to develop successful digital strategies but she is also responsible for all Central Coast Web Design marketing related activities.