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Posted May 08, 2015


I was looking for a local web site design company for an upgrade to my business website and was fortunate enough to find Central Coast Web Design. What made me ring for the initial consultation was their own website. I had looked at many website design companies both locally and in the major capital cities but their presentations, as reflected by their own websites, were stock standard and bland. Central Coast Web Design did not have the look I was searching for but they 'dared to be' different by presenting a concept that was not only imaginative but unique. My own business is absolutely unique in the Australian market so who better to consult than a business that embraced this aspect in their own design.


Once I made contact my decision to consult Central Coast Web Designs was confirmed in every aspect from the first consultation onwards. This is a team of vibrant young thinkers who were willing to listen and respond in the most positive fashion to all of my requests and queries. Not only did I receive exactly what I asked for but the advice I received was professional and expert to the highest degree.


I am a very ‘hands on' business owner and I was always made to feel like part of the process with both the design and presentation of the site. The consultants were also willing to work with my graphic artist and also ensured a smooth transition from my old website to the new by also consulting with the previous web designer in the most positive fashion.


I cannot speak highly enough of the teams professionalism, technological knowledge, design and thoroughness with every step of bringing my new website to life.


John Cooper