Email Clean Out - Be Ready Now For 2017!

Now is the time to organise your inbox for a new work year ahead...

Posted December 06, 2016

Now is the time to organise your inbox for a new work year ahead...

If you are like me - cleaning out and sorting through your emails is always a job that's way down the list of things to complete at work! And, maybe like me you are looking at an inbox number that would look more healthier as a bank account balance than an email inbox balance. It's so easy for emails to build up and before you know it you are overloaded with thousands of emails! You become the Office Email Hoarder!! Now is the best time to try and work towards decluttering your inbox to creating a healthier work you for 2017!

Address IMPORTANT messages ASAP

If an email is important and needs addressing - do so immediately if not as soon as possible. Depending on the content try to keep your replies as quick as possible and do not spend too much time on an individual email. Ideally, spend no more than 5 minutes on a single e-mail and avoid anything longer than three paragraphs.

Highlight or set priority to certain addresses. For example, a rule could be created to highlight any user in your address book. This will allow you to see what is important - particularly if you receive 50 -100 emails a day.

Create Folders and Labels

If an email contains information pertinent to your business or home-life and you want it kept, then file it to a specific folder on that topic.

Delete, Delete, Delete!

Delete quickly! If an email doesn't require action, re - reading or archiving for future reference then get rid of it! You will be surprised at how many emails can be deleted -many of them spam. And whatever you do - DO NOT REPLY TO SPAM! Nothing good ever comes from it!


Scan your junk folder and spam folder for missed emails

This happens on occasion and it's important to go through it in case you have missed something important. If not...DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!


"Read Later" Folder

Establish a "read later" folder for emails from friends such as jokes, funny videos links, recipes etc. If you move these emails to your new folder immediately when they come in and then review this folder when you get home at the end of the day - you will find you will be saving valuable work time.


Get rid of Spam

If you sign up for many freebies (like I do) and they ask for your email, you will somehow now find you are now receiving monthly or weekly emails! Unless you absolutely love receiving these emails (in which case I would place them in specific folders) click on the most recent and go to the bottom to find the unsubscribe button. You will be amazed that by spending time getting rid of these annoying emails now - you will have less emails to go through later.

Emails can cause serious problems in terms of our productivity and for our psyche. An overflowing inbox weighs heavily on the mind and it's important to maintain a healthy relationship. Train yourself to read through your daily emails and once you respond to the important issues either delete the non -essential or spam or archive straight away into specific folders. Develop this organizational system and turn into a habit! With a manageable inbox and basic structure in place for filing email your time can be spend doing the more important things in your workplace and business in 2017!