Alf & GoDaddy: Why I'm flamin' cranky!

Posted June 18, 2018

When I come home from work and sit on the lounge in front of the telly to relax for the night – nothing makes my blood boil hotter than seeing our beloved Home & Away icon Alf promoting GoDaddy’s web services for his “so-called” hot sauce business.


And the reasons this IT nerd is furious, is that:


Alf (aka Ray Meagher) doesn’t really have a hot sauce business… it’s a gimmick. Yes - there is a web page.  Yes - they have created a “limited” supply of hot sauce to sell to promote the gimmick but at the bottom of the page it clearly states:

Ray Meagher is a paid spokesperson for GoDaddy and Rays Flamin’ Hot Sauce is NOT a REAL business. 


So, what does this mean?


Ray didn’t create the site… Ray didn’t personally obtain the domain name, find out about hosting, SEO, Google rankings and the like. Ray didn’t think about marketing, links to social media, functionality, email set up, use of the control panel, software, and customer service support for when the average business person (like Ray claims to be), can’t get their site to do what they want.

Ray is advertising how easy it was to build a free website for his small business – but Ray hasn’t thought about anything that a business owner needing a website should be thinking about!! And to top it all off he is promoting an American conglomerate to help Australian businesses online…. Flamin’ strewth Alf – where’s the Aussie loyalty??


GoDaddy is one of the largest technology providers claiming to be dedicated to small business today.  With the claim that 60 per cent of Australian small businesses still don’t have a website because they believe they don’t have the time, money or technical skills to do so,” the need is undeniable for many businesses thinking about a digital online presence.  But beware of Go- Daddy’s tagline that “Building a website isn’t just easy — it’s free”.  Just because something claims to be easy and free – doesn’t mean it is!!

When you start searching the internet for more information about this technology and web provider –  interesting comments are seen….


Hosting: The worst and most useless there is


Buggy and unusable


Slow servers


Limited functionality


Outdated software


Unprotected information and phishing scam with customers


Issues with emails


Service is frustrating and restrictive


The slowness hurts SEO & Google ratings


GoDaddy really Sucks


And my favourite...


They’re an overall incompetent company that has little regard for their customers. I’d rather shove a ficus up my ass than use their services…


A little dramatic maybe, but it does make the point that many, many people have issues with this large web hosting and domain registrar.


Yes, the internet is bursting with customer complaints in just about all aspects of life – but the fact that there are so many about GoDaddy does make you wonder…


My advice for anyone looking for help with any online feature to promote your business, be it a website, e-commerce site, online or email marketing, support, SEO etc. You want to be able to have a rapport with the person at the other end.  You don’t want your call taken from someone in India who has no real idea about your business in Australia or what you are trying to achieve.  You don’t want to be stuck paying for more than you need – month after month.  GoDaddy lures the average non-technical person in with the notion of a cheap site and customer service.  However, if you are looking at adding features to your website down the line, a redesign from the basic template, adding a shopping cart or other type of plugin –well, from all accounts that’s when things get painful.


The sooner you realise that the “simple fix” from GoDaddy is not the answer -  then the better your business will be.  You want your website to be functional and responsive on all platforms.  You want to know your hosting is sorted and your website secure. You want to be able to talk to someone directly to address any issues or changes you want made to your website, be it SEO, Google analytics, blogging, marketing etc.  You want to know that you are a person and not a number!  Focus on promoting Australian businesses and local businesses that can give you this service.  A GoDaddy website is fine if you are like Ray Meagher and have a little side hobby business, where you don’t really care if you make sales or if anyone sees your site. But remember, when it comes to YOUR BUSINESS you need a website to stand out in this crowded digital age.


Perhaps Alf should know more about websites before leading people to a company that doesn’t always offer the best solution for Australian businesses.