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Why your website should be Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.

Posted February 02, 2016.

Now is the time to get a mobile responsive website!

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2015 - a YEAR of our BLOGS in review

Posted December 07, 2015.

Here at Central Coast Web Design we pride ourselves on our knowledge, skills and customer service within the Web Design and IT industry. Our monthly Blogs are an example of our ...

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Understanding Usability in Web Design

Posted November 02, 2015.

Good usability cultivates confidence & trust in your website!

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Looking at E-Commerce Platforms which is the best for your business?

Posted October 01, 2015.

There is more to e-commerce sites than simply Amazon or eBay, and if you are thinking of building an e-commerce site for your business, you need to really look at a variety of f ...

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Why a website is the best and most cost effective employee you will ever have!

Posted September 01, 2015.

In today’s material world where everything cost something – and someone always baulks about price – see how a quality website really is worth every penny! ...

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The importance of good photography for your web design

Posted August 03, 2015.

Key tips to ensure that your photography is standing out on your website - for all the right reasons!

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What Central Coast Web Design Can Do For You....

Posted July 06, 2015.

Since branching out with Central Coast Web Design from our parent company Erudite Technologies over a year ago, many have complimented us on our company websit ...

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What Does & Doesn't Make A Good Website....

Posted June 01, 2015.

These key web elements are essential for DIY online success!

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African Adventures Safari Company

Posted May 08, 2015.


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Google searches to favour mobile-friendly websites

Posted May 01, 2015.

Now is the time to make sure your website is mobile responsive!

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Why SEO makes good sense for the growth of your website

Posted April 06, 2015.

A properly optimized website is essential for promoting your business online

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